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Vikings – VFX Breakdown by Mr.X Inc.

With the end of the season, a lot of VFX Company release some Breakdown of the TV show they’ve worked on.
Today, that’s Mr.X Inc who deliver a pretty cool Breakdown of the work made on Vikings. Of course, there is a lot of water and ocean effects, but in term on Digital Matte Painting and Environment, that’s pretty cool as well !

Peter Ellenshaw matte painting for Spartacus, Stanley Kubrick

On one hand, you have Stanley Kubrick, one of my favorite director. I remember having watched Shining again and again when I was younger because I thought this movie was just perfect !
On the other hand, you have Peter Ellenshaw, one of the greatest matte painter of the History of the Art. He’s done so many incredible painting that we could take hours to talk about him…
On the movie Spartacus, Ellenshaw realized an amazing painting of Rome, and I wanted to share some photos of it with you.
Look how detailed the painting is ! It’s definitely a wonderful peace of Art !

SK-Spartacus-081 Continue reading Peter Ellenshaw matte painting for Spartacus, Stanley Kubrick

Ryan Church – Star Wars, from concepts to shots

Ryan Church is one of the most famous concept artist in the world. Few years ago, he’s painted a lot of concept design for Star Wars episodes II and III that you can find on his amazing website.
It’s pretty interesting to compare the concept of an environment, a vehicle, or a creature, with the final version of it that you can see in the shot, to judge how much has been kept from the original idea.
That’s exactly the purpose of this 5′ video which take some of the most impressive picture from Ryan Church and show the final shot representing the scene in the movie.
Quite cool !

How to train your dragon 2 – the review

Today, I went to see the new Dreamworks movie that I really was waiting for a long time : How to train your dragon 2.

Let’s get straight to the point : just hurry up and go to the cinema.
I really enjoyed the first opus already, I think it was one of the best CG movie ever. I need to say that I don’t really like the Pixar style, I always preferred the Dreamworks ones… This How to train your dragon franchise is probably the kind of movie I would have loved to see when I was 8 or 10.
To me, this new opus is better than the first one. In term a characters, actions, and story, it’s a bit more interesting, more developed and even nicer. You don’t need to present anyone, so you can jump straight to the action. And you’ll have a lot of good surprises, I think the script is quite clever. Continue reading How to train your dragon 2 – the review