How to train your dragon 2 – the review

Today, I went to see the new Dreamworks movie that I really was waiting for a long time : How to train your dragon 2.

Let’s get straight to the point : just hurry up and go to the cinema.
I really enjoyed the first opus already, I think it was one of the best CG movie ever. I need to say that I don’t really like the Pixar style, I always preferred the Dreamworks ones… This How to train your dragon franchise is probably the kind of movie I would have loved to see when I was 8 or 10.
To me, this new opus is better than the first one. In term a characters, actions, and story, it’s a bit more interesting, more developed and even nicer. You don’t need to present anyone, so you can jump straight to the action. And you’ll have a lot of good surprises, I think the script is quite clever.
I must say, I don’t always agree with the style of the dragons. I think they don’t always match the style of the characters, but after a little while, I got used to it and it works fine. Technically the movie is incredible, especially for the clouds effects and the sense of scale. Environments look really big, you feel the distance and you actually fly with all this creatures. What’s difficult is that all these dragons have different sizes, different way to move, different speed, and you really feel it, even if the action needs to take place in a huge size environment. It’s a big challenge and you need to be very good in placing and setuping the camera to get that effect working. Lighting wise, it’s also very nice, but not cheesy, you have exactly what you need to go trapped into the movie.

I can tell you my 5yo son was shouting in the cinema :
– Yeaahhh ! So cooool !! Dad, how can he do that !! I want to do the saaaame !
– mmmm, Arthur… please… we’re not alone here… please be quiet
– OUaaaaahhhhh, he’s going so FAAAAST !!!!!!

So, just because it’s sunday night, I propose you the first 5 minutes of the movie !


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