Peter Ellenshaw matte painting for Spartacus, Stanley Kubrick

On one hand, you have Stanley Kubrick, one of my favorite director. I remember having watched Shining again and again when I was younger because I thought this movie was just perfect !
On the other hand, you have Peter Ellenshaw, one of the greatest matte painter of the History of the Art. He’s done so many incredible painting that we could take hours to talk about him…
On the movie Spartacus, Ellenshaw realized an amazing painting of Rome, and I wanted to share some photos of it with you.
Look how detailed the painting is ! It’s definitely a wonderful peace of Art !


Peter-Spartacus3 Fantastic Reality/Playing God

spartacus13 SK-Spartacus-083SK-Spartacus-082 Spartacus-detail1


One thought on “Peter Ellenshaw matte painting for Spartacus, Stanley Kubrick”

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