Clarisse for Environment

This video has been presented by the studio RaynaultVFX at Siggraph 2018. I worked with Matthieu, years ago, and I’m really happy to see how he jumped into Clarisse, which is really adapted to a small size Environment/DMP studio.

This presentation shows a perfect example of my favourite Matte Painting workflow using Clarisse for scattering and rendering passes for DMP. What is really important, which I think is forgotten too often is that there is no need to push the build too far at the beginning of a shot. Once the layout of basic geo without texture is approved, we can launch a whole bunch of render for the DMP artist who will mix everything in Photoshop and will reproject it.

Yes, it sounds like we lose a lot of control, especially on the lighting side, as we bake most of the information in the DMP, but as it’s well explained, it’s not the case as all the passes a used in PS to grade things (masks) and can be replaced very easily. If you are clever, you can really use the most of the flexibility of the 3D in a very responsive environment like Clarisse, and the advantage of Photobashing which always looks more realistic than a 3D element. Still think the final mix should be done in Nuke and if PS is great to mix all the wallpaper together and add photographic details, the light direction and shadows are better handled in Nuke. Anyway, have a look at this, I think there are a lot of good ideas.

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