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How to train your dragon 2 – the review

Today, I went to see the new Dreamworks movie that I really was waiting for a long time : How to train your dragon 2.

Let’s get straight to the point : just hurry up and go to the cinema.
I really enjoyed the first opus already, I think it was one of the best CG movie ever. I need to say that I don’t really like the Pixar style, I always preferred the Dreamworks ones… This How to train your dragon franchise is probably the kind of movie I would have loved to see when I was 8 or 10.
To me, this new opus is better than the first one. In term a characters, actions, and story, it’s a bit more interesting, more developed and even nicer. You don’t need to present anyone, so you can jump straight to the action. And you’ll have a lot of good surprises, I think the script is quite clever. Continue reading How to train your dragon 2 – the review


It’s been a while…

It’s been a while since I haven’t post a blog article about VFX ! But this time, I felt it was the good moment.Please forgive me about all the mistake I’m going to make, because I’m still French, and I still haven’t learn to speak a proper English.
Few years ago, I launched Making FX, and you’ve been a huge amount of people to follow it. I really wanted to thank you for this.
I’m coming back, and I will keep talking about Matte Painting, mostly Digital now. I’ll share my feelings about the work, I will give you an overview on what happens in the studios, I’ll post some video tutorial, and share some techniques with those who want to practice in this discipline.
But don’t worry, I still love Traditional Matte Painting, and I’ll make sure you’ll find everything you liked on MakingFX here as well. Unfortunately, my previous blog has been hacked by a virus which contaminated everything. I lost most of the images and I need to put everything back in place here. But I’ll do it !


I’m still working at Double Negative London and i just finished Thor : the Dark World. I was Environment Supervisor, in charge of an amazing team of Environment Artists. It’s been a lot of work, very challenging and very technical, but I’m very proud of what we’ve all achieved. I hope the rest enjoyed this project as much as I did. Really, I’ve had a great time ! I’d love to know what you think of this movie, so please, let us know ! It’s always nice to have feedbacks from VFX fans.

Just before Thor, I’ve been DMP Sup on Les Miserables, which also was a great opportunity for me to work on very challenging shots, like this long one when we follow the paper from the Church, to the sky… Quite cool.

On my side, I’m currently instructor with Nick Marshall for FXPhd. We’ve been asked to be in charge of the new Advanced Matte Painting term for FXPhd. That’s quite challenging, as it’s known that FXPhd is a high end training place. We’ll go through all the 2.5D Environment Techniques, from the Concept/Blockout, to the final Nuke Projection Script. It’s going to be super interesting.
I’m talking about Nick Marshall. You probably heard about this handsome guy already ! We’ve launched DMP Coach together, a plateform dedicated to Training and Workshop for DMP/ENV. I’ll talk about it longer another time to introduce you the project.
What else ? That’s it really ! Oh, yes… since last time, I’ve had a daughter. One of each now ! Youhouu !