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Vikings – VFX Breakdown by Mr.X Inc.

With the end of the season, a lot of VFX Company release some Breakdown of the TV show they’ve worked on.
Today, that’s Mr.X Inc who deliver a pretty cool Breakdown of the work made on Vikings. Of course, there is a lot of water and ocean effects, but in term on Digital Matte Painting and Environment, that’s pretty cool as well !


Impressive VFX Breakdown for Game of Thrones Season 4

The VFX Breakdown of Game of Thrones Season 4 has been released, and it’s really impressive !
They’ve done amazing environment shots, some times very complex. I can’t even imagine how they can do it when we know it’s for a TV show. The level is high… very high…

Good job to all the artists involved on this Season 4 VFX.

Ryan Church – Star Wars, from concepts to shots

Ryan Church is one of the most famous concept artist in the world. Few years ago, he’s painted a lot of concept design for Star Wars episodes II and III that you can find on his amazing website.
It’s pretty interesting to compare the concept of an environment, a vehicle, or a creature, with the final version of it that you can see in the shot, to judge how much has been kept from the original idea.
That’s exactly the purpose of this 5′ video which take some of the most impressive picture from Ryan Church and show the final shot representing the scene in the movie.
Quite cool !

Behind the VFX of The Great Gatsby

Alex Fry, who was CG lead at Animal Logic on The Great Gatsby in 2013 recorded a very interesting talk for The Foundry, in Amsterdam. In this video, he explains how Nuke and Ocula have been used to create amazing VFX.
In the before and after, at the beginning of the video, you’ll see the incredible work about the environment. You have some shots that would have given me some nightmares, especially the one, on the bridge, when the camera pull out to reveal the all city. Of course, a lot of it has been done in CG, but you have a pretty big DMP for the Background with a lot of reprojection, animation, and a lot of small details. I really like this kind of work and it’s pretty cool to have a quick view on the Nuke script.
A lot of great infos in this 26′ video. I think it worth having a look at it.

Now you see me : The MGM Grand scene explained

It’s always difficult to render a lot of crowd simulation because it takes a lot of time for modeling, animating the CG Characters, and then proceed to the simulation, lighting, rendering.

For years we used tools like Massive, which everyone discovered really after LOTR, but even if this approach is great, very powerful, it’s good to be able to switch for another route if you have the opportunity. Continue reading Now you see me : The MGM Grand scene explained

Gravity, what a movie !

I don’t go to the cinema very often. I just don’t find the time to do it… with 2 children, it’s not that simple, but I really wanted to see Gravity because I knew this film would be special. And I must say, it’s special, it’s probably the most impressive movie I’ve seen in years, and one of the best use of Visual Effects ever.

I really enjoyed Children of men, Double Negative worked on this one, and I loved how Cuaron used VFX for both impressive shots, and completely invisible ones. In Gravity, he pushed this Art even further, where no one ever been before him. And I’m pretty sure we’ll have to wait for years before someone else make another movie with such a good understanding of what VFX can do.
Most of the time, when you see a movie, you’re impressed by the amount of VFX shots and the complexity of them. When I say “complexity” I mean “how could they even render it ?” because it involved hell of a lot of polys, reflections and technical challenges everywhere. In a Transformers, it’s about destroying a full CG city, in the Hobbit, it’s about impressive camera moves in very busy environments.

Continue reading Gravity, what a movie !