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How to train your dragon 2 – the review

Today, I went to see the new Dreamworks movie that I really was waiting for a long time : How to train your dragon 2.

Let’s get straight to the point : just hurry up and go to the cinema.
I really enjoyed the first opus already, I think it was one of the best CG movie ever. I need to say that I don’t really like the Pixar style, I always preferred the Dreamworks ones… This How to train your dragon franchise is probably the kind of movie I would have loved to see when I was 8 or 10.
To me, this new opus is better than the first one. In term a characters, actions, and story, it’s a bit more interesting, more developed and even nicer. You don’t need to present anyone, so you can jump straight to the action. And you’ll have a lot of good surprises, I think the script is quite clever. Continue reading How to train your dragon 2 – the review